Posted by: johnocunningham | December 26, 2011

Top 10 Tech-Related Trends in Legal Practice (#4)

Social Media:  Law firms of all sizes are increasingly turning to social media tools to scout for connections with prospects, scout the competition, expand their reputations as practice or thought leaders, and learn from others.

According to a recent survey at the LMA New England conference, roughly 75 percent of firms now have written social media policies, more than half maintain blogs, more than half have Facebook business pages, and nearly a third utilize informal or formal social media training tools and programs.

Furthermore, according to a survey published by ContentPilot this year, law firm blogs are attracting particular attention. More than half of clients and 80 percent of reporters use blogs to search out legal “experts,” and B2B Websites with blogs generate significantly more sales leads than those without them.

Linked-In is probably the social media tool with which lawyers in general are most familiar, and that is probably a function of the fact that more than half of corporate counsel are active Linked-In users.

Not many firms are using social media to check on or defend their own reputations yet, but some are aware of the potential impact of social media on reputation and they are considering how to address that.

The following are some of the potentially useful social media tools and information sources mentioned at the December FirmFuture conference in Boston:

  • Linked-In;
  • Blogs (see for examples);
  • Twitter (for “following” prospects or competitors);
  • Facebook and Google Plus (for expanded messaging and connecting);
  • Reputation Defender at (for monitoring and defending your reputation online);
  • Amy Campbell’s blog posting, “What if Paul Revere Was on Twitter?” which contains links to various social media “how to” stories; and
  •, which posts useful information frequently accessed by in-house counsel for sharing with others.

For more information on how to use social media for fun and profit, check out the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp.

Note: The author of this blog is not endorsing any of the products or services mentioned, but merely offers links to some mentioned at the FirmFuture conference and in the trade media, so that others can check them out and exercise their own judgement as to quality and suitability. FirmFuture attendees might still be able to take advantage of discounts offered on by Advanced Client Solutions, but check with them to make sure.


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