Posted by: johnocunningham | December 19, 2011

Top 10 Tech-Related Trends in Legal Practice (#1)

Website Innovation: Sophisticated law firm Websites are no longer static billboard signs. Websites are now full of fresh content, which is used to facilitate external marketing, internal referrals and cross-selling, better press and public relations, better general communication, and the delivery of  value-added content to prospects and clients alike.

Times have indeed changed. When past generations wanted to screen the names of lawyers they were given by referral sources, they went to a dusty old Martindale-Hubbel book and browsed through the credentials of the lawyers and firms they were considering. Now, in-house lawyers and corporate executives go to the Web, and like it or not, they size you up by examining your Website.

Your online resume will not necessarily get you hired, but it will determine whether you will be one of the lawyers who gets through to the interview stage with a prospective client; and like a bad resume, a bad Website CAN get you eliminated.

Here is a list of trending law firm Website innovations, as noted by presenters and participants at this year’s FirmFuture conference in Boston:

  1. More blogs with practical, useful and timely information (see e.g.
  2. More white papers, newsletters and value-added content for downloading (see e.g. )
  3. More statements of mission and values, as well as value propositions (see e.g.
  4. Richer biographical profiles (see e.g.
  5. Client service pledges (see e.g.
  6. More information related to industry experience (see e.g. and
  7. More video, particularly “talking head” videos for enriching the profiles of firms or attorneys (see e.g.

As to the last point, a recent survey of AmLaw 100 sites by revealed that 28 percent are using video to enhance their messaging. If you want to consider video services from local Boston providers, check out:

Note: The blog author has not used and does not endorse the services of any firm mentioned, but offers them as possible considerations for thought, based on feedback from others.


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