Posted by: johnocunningham | December 9, 2011

FirmFuture: Products and Services for Solos

How does a solo practitioner compete in an increasingly complicated legal world that demands not only practice knowledge, but business acumen and technological efficiency?

The founders of Solo Practice University have attempted to provide a practical answer to that question with a nascent but growing pool of resources made available to solos.

The group, which exhibited at the recent FirmFuture conference in Boston, provides solo practitioners with, among other things:

  • Educational courses on-line taught by faculty who are familiar with everything from trial techniques and financial forensics to marketing, management and technology applications.
  • Forums for networking with other solos and “faculty” who have successfully practiced in a wide variety of areas.
  • Tools for creating and publishing blogs and Websites that can enhance a solo’s competitive presence in cyberspace.

I have not tested these tools myself, but the Solo Practice University features some interesting testimonials from users and positive media reviews from the likes of Forbes magazine.

I have also worked with other resource providers who assist in the design of Websites and blogs, providing content that captures the essence of the small firm or solo provider. I believe that a low-cost solution like this can be a big business booster if the content is compelling and well done.


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