Posted by: johnocunningham | November 25, 2011

Law Firms Warming to Social Media

The results are in from LMA New England’s 2011 conference session on social media policy and practice.

An informal poll of participating firms reveals the following:

  • Nearly 75 percent of firms have written social media policies in place now;
  • More than one third have formal or informal social media training programs;
  • More than 60 percent have firm Facebook pages;
  • More than 60 percent are utlizing Twitter posts/feeds;
  • Nearly half are using social media to enhance internal communications to lawyers and professional staff; and
  • Nearly one third have recruited lateral lawyers who stated that one of the reasons they were leaving their firm was overly restrictive or archaic approaches to new media and client communications.

With all of that in mind, it is sort of surprising that less than 10 percent of those surveyed have a social media line item in their budgets for training, marketing or communications.

For more information about law firms and social media policy and practice, check out the 2011SocialMediaSummary for the LMA New England conference, and compare it with the 2009SocialMediaSummary from the 2009 conference. The most recent summary also has some tips on putting together effective social media policies and practices.


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