Posted by: johnocunningham | July 25, 2011

New Process Improvement Institute for Legal Pros

Much has been written in the trade press in recent years about professionals adopting the use of proven process improvement methods to cut costs, speed up delivery times and improve quality.

Now there is an institute focused on teaching process improvement to law firms, law departments and organizations tied to law practice.  The Legal Lean Sigma Institute was recently formed by two professional women who are well-known in the legal world.

COO Laura Colcord has already worked with more than 100 law firms, law departments and legal organizations, and she propagated the use of Lean and Six Sigma process improvement applications to the higher education, health care, and chemicals industries. The former Fullbright Scholar also has a degree in Chemical Engineering.

CEO Catherine Alman MacDonagh is equally well known in legal circles, having been the president and co-founder of the Legal Sales and Service Organization, and its Legal Lean Sigma program. Catherine is also a former corporate counsel and law firm marketing executive as well.

This birth of this institute marks the continuing acceptance of and demand for process analysis and improvement by law-related organizations, a development that has been noted on many other blogs (see, for example: Clarity Consulting).

*By way of full disclosure, the author of this blog post is a friend of Catherine’s and a person who has learned much from her about legal sales and service over the years.  No relation to or connection with Clarity Consulting.


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