Posted by: johnocunningham | June 20, 2011

Clients Care About Results

I have consulted with many lawyers who are earnestly concerned about providing their clients and prospects with information about their legal services that is relevant and compelling.

I have also interviewed many clients and prospects about what they feel is relevant and compelling. Of course, they like to see information about the industry experience of a lawyer or law firm, and they like to see information about the issues the lawyer or firm has handled.

But they also want to see some metrics. They want to know how many times you have handled a matter like the one for which they need assistance, or how many times you have gone to trial, and they want to know in particular about your RESULTS.

Some bar associations in some jurisdictions amazingly frown upon representations regarding “results,” ostensibly because the clients are too naive to understand the complexities of legal practice.

But a large and sophisticated corporate client, particularly one with a General Counsel, has a pretty good idea what they want. They are looking for someone with experience, relevant experience and volumes of it. Plus, they are looking for someone who has shown they CAN produce under pressure.

For a great example of messaging by a firm of trial lawyers, consider the JD Supra page for Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, which touts their experience in 1328 trials, 1214 of which they have won. They have hauled in more than $15 billion in judgments and settlements, obtaining 8 nine-figure settlements and 5 ten-figure settlements.

This is the kind of information that most other firms in private practice are reluctant to even track, much less share publicly. But it is the kind of messaging that has made Quinn Emanuel the fastest growing litigation firm in the U.S. for the past few decades.






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