Posted by: johnocunningham | May 13, 2011

Using Twitter for Intelligence Gathering

Kristi Hines at Kissmetrics posted an interesting article on “7 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter” for checking on your competition.

Three of her ideas are particularly easy to use:

  1. You can just go to Twitter and follow a competitor (you can follow most anyone by searching for them on the Twitter site);
  2. You can see who is following them (again, you can just click on a link to see their followers); and
  3. You can check out their linked social media to see what topics/companies/industries they are writing about, which will give you a pretty good idea about their current customers/clients/work.

I first learned of this article from Amy Campbell, who is the creator and host of the LegalMarketingReader, which has some excellent pieces on social media and law firm marketing.



  1. excellent post on using twitter, you can also look at their followers, start to follow their people and a large percentage of them will then start also following you. You can scoop up their followers, another sneaky trick to build followers.

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