Posted by: johnocunningham | May 3, 2011

Sales Pitches that Work

Rees Morrison’s Law Department Management blog has a nice posting about a recent survey by market research firm, Acritas.

Morrison notes a few highlights from the survey about what works and what doesn’t in law firm pitches for new business.

This survey affirmed what similar surveys have found: that clients think it is most important to “understand our business” and very important to  “understand our industry.” Demonstrated expertise is, of course, important as well, but so is basic “chemistry and rapport.”

My own experience interviewing CEOs, GCs and other clients has been consistent with this finding. In fact, I would say that for many of them, if you don’t understand their business and their industry, then you can’t serve them. One of the comments I hear most frequently is that lawyers who are successful “pitchers” have clearly done their homework on both the business and the industry before they made a contact.


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