Posted by: johnocunningham | May 3, 2011

Growing Use of Blogs; Growing Benefits

According to a number of published reports that I have seen lately,  the growth in blogs hosted by businesses has been dramatic in recent years.

You will not find a lot of blogs at Fortune 500 Websites (one survey said only 20 percent have blogs) and you will not find a high percentage linked to the Websites of the largest law firms in the world just yet.

Large institutions are reportedly interested in this form of new media, but they are still having difficulty setting up protocols and policies for using it.

But smaller organizations, including small law firms, with little or no internal bureaucracy have embraced blogs and now a majority of them reportedly participate in blogging about their field of expertise.

These small organizations have credited their blogs for creating:

  • new customers or clients;
  • new media inquiries; and
  • new interest from potential strategic partners.

A good blog is not hard to set up, and it only takes a short time to share useful information on it with your readers.  If you have questions or needs related to blogging, I might be able to help or,  if not,  point you to someone who can.


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