Posted by: johnocunningham | February 12, 2011

Raising Your Media Profile

Lawyers and other professionals have frequently asked me how they can raise their public visibility as an expert. Generally, I tell them that there are no quick and easy answers, and that you have to work at media relations and public relations over time to accomplish that goal.

While I have conducted seminars about building relationships with members of the trade press and mainstream media by working a strategy over time, I have recently become aware of a new tool that some highly accomplished professionals can use to raise their national visibility more quickly.

Kathryn McManus, a former CNN producer who launched CNN Japan and won multiple journalism awards in her career, saw the need for a tool that can instantaneously connect busy news reporters and editors with qualified legal, medical, financial and other experts when a story is breaking on any topic in the world.

So she and a team of veteran media members launched the News Certified Exchange (NCE) which provides the local, national, and international media with an enormous on-line database of experts, each of whom is catalogued according to fields of expertise and completely profiled on separate web pages loaded with biographical data, photos, and video.

NCE has worked with over 400 organizations to train and position thought leaders on, a global expert database accessed by media in over 30 countries, representing over 250 of the world’s major news outlets. NCE’s “interview-ready” experts are cited in news stories daily.

Prospective experts must be screened and trained in media-related work prior to being listed on the NCE site, and they must pay a reasonable fee to be listed (if they qualify).

But the costs are potentially far outweighed by the benefits of creating a national or even international profile as an expert.


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