Posted by: johnocunningham | February 3, 2011

Law Firm Websites: Answering the Tough Questions

I have worked on Web content projects for a number of law firms, and I am often asked what makes for a really outstanding Website.

My answer is this:

  • content that is authentic and revealing;
  • content that is useful to clients and prospects;
  • content that is useful to fellow partners, associates, and staff;
  • content that defines the firm, its mission, values, methods, training, use of technology, and other qualities important to clients and to employees;
  • content that defines the “value proposition” and “service pledge” made by the firm to its clients and prospective clients.  

This is the kind of content you find on many business sites, but rarely or only in limited doses on sites  for law firms. Why?

I believe it is because only a small percentage of law firms – the ones who are thinking about the future and their clients – are really willing to devote the time and effort to ask and answer the hard questions about their professional existence.

Too many lawyers are either unconcerned with or scared of questions, such as: Why are we here? What do we offer that is truly unique? How do clients see us? What do clients want to know? How do we operate in a way that insures our clients are getting the best “value” for their investment in us?

But I have just concluded a project with a client that has taken a refreshingly bold approach to defining who they are for their fellow employess and for  the marketplace at large. They embraced the hard work of defining themselves by asking the hard questions, and they devoted significant time and effort to making sure that the answers were authentic and accurate.

The results appear in a brand new Website – Collora LLP – that was just launched on February 1, 2011.  I am eager to see the marketplace response and would love to hear feedback of any kind about this Website or law firm sites in general.


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