Posted by: johnocunningham | August 7, 2010

Where to Place that Lawyer Article

Every in-house legal marketer working for a law firm is faced with the question of where to find a media placement for a lawyer-written article that is nothing more than a research memorandum with a spruced up introduction and conclusion.

Print publishers have no use for it because the length and style and substance are all wrong for them, on-line media have no interest because it rarely has a  timely hook to the exact topic in the memo that could make readers download a PDF version, and it is absurd to even think about radio or television (unless you can find a one-hour show hosted by an erudite law professor).

So what do you do with this piece of work that does have some value, but only to other lawyers who are faced with the exact issue posed in the lawyer’s article-memo?

Now there is an answer, courtesy of JD Supra, which lets you create an impressive on-line portfolio of research, articles, and even court filings. The site is often accessed by corporate in-house lawyers trolling for free substance, and provides the perfect target audience for that otherwise useless and thinly disguised research memo.

JD Supra also has something for professional marketers, including articles about what areas of legal practice are in demand by clients. See the latest Larry Bodine piece on that topic for example.

Check out the latest lawyers and their works featured in the contributor roundup section of the site for a look at what you can do with that next lawyer media placement demand.


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