Posted by: johnocunningham | July 11, 2010

Why Blawg?

As the number of blawgs continues to profliferate, many lawyers are still wondering what the cyber-fuss is about and whether blogging is just another fad.

Well, not hardly.  Surveys show that among the under-40 crowd blogs are a primary news source and a favored source for all kinds of research.

 Furthermore, a recent survey of in-house counsel has shown that 43 percent of in-house lawyers turn to blogs as a primary source for legal news, and more than 25 percent say that lawyer blogs are important in their outside counsel hiring decisions, according to an article by Amy Miller for Corporate Counsel magazine.

Other surveys have shown that as many as 89 percent of reporters also turn to blogs for expert sourcing, so hosting a blog that is rich in content can help you get noticed and quoted.

A well-visited blog with regularly refreshed content will also turn up higher in search engine rankings than static websites, and attaching such a blog to your own site can help pull up the ranking of that site if done correctly.

So if you are thinking about blawging, stop cogitating, and get to work!


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