Posted by: johnocunningham | June 13, 2010

Direct Mail: The Shortest Distance from Offer to Sale

As client dollars shrink and competition for remaining client work becomes keener, some professional service firms are looking for more ways to connect with potential clients. Many are using well-executed direct mail campaigns carefully aimed at the right target audiences.

Direct mail has become increasingly sophisticated largely as a function of the work going into “targeted” mailing lists. An enormous amount of database information, publicly available personal information, and social networking information  can be used to generate a list of almost any kind now. Want a list of CEOs? A list of GCs by industry? A list of property managers for large companies? Whatever your query, there is an app for that.

With direct mail campaigns, you can develop a laser-like focus on your target audience, sending them staged and tailored messages with creative incentives designed to elicit the responses you want. Whether you want people to attend an in-house seminar, respond to a survey, or just accept a “get acquainted” visit, a creative, humorous, enticing and/or informative direct mail campaign can help.

For more info provided by an expert  in this area, check out my recent piece based on an interview with well-known marketing pro, Rachel Hayes, at : Legal Marketing Reader. 


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