Posted by: johnocunningham | June 22, 2009

Communicating by Story

The power of a great story is derived in part from the power of the character or characters on which that story is based. That is one reason that an increasing number of sophisticated organizations are telling their stories through the character of their leaders, members, customers, clients and contributors.

These organizations are better defining themselves to the public in the reflective light of those characters who are shining examples of what they value, how they perform and the company they keep.

For example, the law firm of Bass Berry & Sims commits significant efforts and resources toward the profiling of its most brilliant clients in an annual report they call “Momentum.”

Similarly, the Legal Marketing Association has dedicated 12 monthly profiles to the “thought leaders” in the fields of marketing, sales, service, and communications. To see examples of these profiles, click on this LMA Website link.

Colleges and universities have also developed some excellent feature stories about the ways in which their alumni have changed the world for the better. For just one example, see some of the features about alumni over the decades by clicking on this Northeastern University Website link.

Such stories are not only highly effective, but they are easy to develop if you have a compelling subject and a skillful writer who can capture the special essence that makes your subject relevant and uniquely appealing to readers.


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